KBDi Designer Awards 2020 - Kitchen Designer of the Year QLD

The KBDi Kitchen Designer of the Year 2020 – Queensland is Alexandra Trigger of AST Design.
The client’s brief was clear: they wanted to bring their 1980s kitchen into the 21st century, while retaining the essence of the architect’s original concept. The designer delivered with a well-planned layout, highly functional kitchen and thoughtful material selection. The judges commended the entrant on her great sensitivity to the existing architecture and excellent response to the client brief.
Kitchen Design Awards - AST Design
Kitchen Design Awards - AST Design

KBDi Designer Awards 2020 - First Time Entrant - National

This year’s First Time Entrant Award proved to be a very tough competition with a whopping 40% of entrants being KBDi newbies. It has been so inspiring to see such amazing talent coming through – well done to you all. The winner of the First Time Entrant Award for 2020 is Queensland’s Alexandra Trigger of AST Design.
The panel was hugely impressed with Alexandra’s stunning design. The home presented many outstanding features, and the designer showed great restraint, respect and vision in creating a kitchen that enhanced the space without competing with the architecture. Alexandra’s submission was clearly set out and very well-documented, and the judges look forward to seeing more of her work in future